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Custom Product Growth Rates

When a custom product is imported into the Transvas Profiler system, any funds associated with the product are also imported. Normally, the user specifies the growth rate applicable to each fund so that the system can project using fund specific growth rates.

Prior to the v5.02 update, where a custom product fund growth was not specified, the system set its value to be the maximum allowed under the relevant channel. So, the low growth rate would be set to 2%, mid to 5% and high to 8%.

However, the definition of "not specified" was the growth rate was null or 0. This also did not support negative growth rates on funds.

In v5.02, O&M updated the system to allow negative growth rates on funds but an unforeseen side effect was that the growth rate for custom product funds where the growth rate was not explicity specified was set to 0%.

This has resulted in a small number of TVAS reports being generated where the PPP funds grew at 0% but had charges applied, so actually went down over time but the Assumptions page on the TVAS report states the fund growth rate as being 2%/5%/8%. Specifically, this only seems to apply where more than 1 custom product fund has been used in the case.


We have implemented a temporary fix via an update to the custom product funds data, so that where the growth rate has not currently been specified, it will be updated in the database to the maximum allowed under the relevant channel (i.e. 2%/5%/8%). This puts these funds back in line with how they were treated prior to the v5.02 update.


Most Transvas Profiler customers do not have any custom products in their system. The easiest way to check is as follows:

(1) Load any client within the TVAS system

(2) Go to the "Pension Providers" screen, "Section 32" tab

(3) Click the drop down list of products.

If you only see "no charges", "no section 32 required" and "Transact S32 Buy Out Bond" then you do NOT have custom products and NO FURTHER ACTION is required.

If you see other products listed below the "Transact S32 Buy Out Bond" then you DO have custom products and should install the system patch detailed below.


The patch to fix this issue is a SQL database script which will need to be copied to the correct location on your PC and run.

It will take around 5 minutes for O&M support staff to apply this patch to your system. Please contact us on 0845 564 0520 and we will assist with the installation.