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Transvas Profiler -

Training & Support

Training for Transvas Profiler is mandatory before systems are issued. Transvas Profiler training is intended to enable AF3 qualified advisers (or equivalent) to use the system. These sessions are not designed to teach "Transfers" to those without relevant qualifications or experience.

The options for training sessions are:

Training at O&M's offices

Training sessions are held in Colchester subject to demand and each user is entitled to attend.

On-Site Training

On-site training is available at a cost of £500 per day, plus disbursements and vat. Long distances may require a flight and / or an overnight stay.

If you're an existing user looking for training and support, please click here.

Pensions Profiler Training for Transvas Profiler Customers

Most Transvas Profiler customers rent a copy of Pensions Profiler to assist with their product recommendations. It is normally possible to add a brief session on Pensions Profiler at the end of a Transvas Profiler session, please let us know if this is required