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Transvas Profiler -

Key Features

Transvas Profiler is feature packed software solution designed to assist financial advisers when assessing final salary pension benefits.

Client Database & Scheme Library - Every time you produce an analysis, the client data and scheme information is saved for future use. This means you can quickly produce a re-run and accommodate any changes. The scheme library is essential when dealing with scheme wind-ups or bulk transfers.

Information Validation - A unique validation facility performs over 300 checks for missing and inconsistent data.

The O&M Report

The O&M TVAS Report has become the industry standard. A summary of key issues covered in the report are shown below:

  • Normal Retirement – The critical yield to match the benefits in the current scheme is of key importance to your recommendation. Line graphs are used to compare the three options; existing scheme, personal pension and section 32.
  • Early Retirement – A full comparison of benefits is available at the selected early retirement age.
  • Tax Free Cash – In addition to tax free cash information, the report also includes the critical yield to match benefits assuming full tax free cash is taken.
  • Death Benefits – The difference between death benefits, both before and after retirement are compared. Lump sum values plus annual pensions are shown.
  • Pension Protection Fund – Although the compensation levels claimed for the PPF state 90% of benefits will be provided, our understanding of the PPF highlights that some individuals may receive considerably less. The report contains a detailed analysis of what your client may receive, should their scheme fall to the administration of the PPF.
  • Accuracy – You select the product and funds for investment. This allows you to split the investment between different sectors and be sure that the annual management charges used to calculate your results are in accordance with the FCA regulations. For this reason, all assumptions are monitored, maintained and updated by O&M.